Overland Roundtable - Overland Travel in a Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover or on an adventure bike

The Overland Roundtable is a panel discussion that focuses on topics relating to those of us who explore the world. If the journey is more important than the destination and your travel revolves around the vehicle you drive, then this is the show for you! The discussion each session will be focused on a single topic and you'll hear thoughts and experiences from panel members with years of experience.
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Overland Roundtable - Overland Travel in a Jeep, Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover or on an adventure bike





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Mar 6, 2017

On session 9 of the Overland Roundtable, we discuss a topic that we have all dealt with but maybe not given much though; when to change plans.  There frequently comes a time during an adventure that we have to make a decision.  We can either act sensibly or push on and conquer whatever lies in front of us.  Pushing on can be the first idea in a string of bad decisions.  The Overland Roundtable panel gets together to discuss their lessons learned, give some recommendations, and share some stories surrounding the tales of when we altered course...or should have.

We mentioned some other links that you might find helpful or interesting.  

  • Brandon mentioned using the Garmin maps to identify public vs private land.  A blog post from Garmin regarding their mapping that would serve this purpose can be found here.
  • Dan mentioned onXmaps as a cross platform mapping product that can also help differentiate public and private land.  This may have been mentioned on a past session by someone in the audience, but its worth mentioning again.
  • Brandon also mentioned a book titled Beetle Drive by Fiona Easterby as inspiration to get out and explore using whatever means you have available.  


Our guest panelist this session is Jason Hamasu ("J" on here since Jason Spect is on the show) from Outlaw Xpedition Overland (OX Overland, formerly Oregon Trail Overland).  Jason and his team just recently finished their adventure that retraced the Oregon Trail from finish to start; a trip that was more than two years in the making.  




Flashback 3 years ago, almost to the day. This is where it all began. Jays #f150 and my other #fordranger. It's been a long crazy road thus far: from the team changing, to different rigs, bearing a New Name with a New Purpose. What started off as two kids skateboarding and pushing against the grain, has become two brothers planning and executing these Historic expeditions in contrast to what "Overlanding" really is. We are Purpose driven. The goal is as much The destination as it is the Journey. Somehow we found a way to push against this grain as well....And we're proud of our path and where it has led us. Thanks to ALL OF YOU who support our craziness. Click link in bio to watch episode 16 as the brotherhood of 5 guys begins to unfold along the Oregon Trail. ------- #OXoverland #OutlawXpeditions #AmbassadorsOfAdventure #conquerthetrail #offroad #wewillbefree #optoutside #exploremore #exploretheworld #welivetoexplore #neverstopexploring #offthebeatenpath #forgeoverland #overland #expedition #overlanding #myoverlandadventure #adventuretime #lifeofadventure #americanadventurist #roadlesstraveled #anywhereispossible #travelphotography #thegreatoutdoors #overlandcommunity #documentaryseries #brothers #flashbackfriday @warnindustries @arb4x4 @gsioutdoors @spartanrope @scrubbladewipers @blackpeaksupply @offthegridsurplus @krazybeavertools @borderland_trailers @stoutewebsoln @outer_limit_supply @americanadventurist @tractionjack

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Also on the show is Jason Spect, one of our regular contributors.  Check out Jason and his Mountain State Overland videos at


Taylor Adney joins us, as usual from Overland Textile Co. Pick up some awesome overlanding related swag at


Camp on the first night of our trip with the @lonestaroverland crew a couple weekends ago! We stayed at the tip of Signal Mountain and it was very windy, so we snuggled up against the pines for a bit of a wind break. . . #overlandtextileco #overland #overlander #overlanding #overlandcommunity #overlandfamily #rooftoptent #rtt #rooftoptentlife #tepui #teamtepui #toyota #4runner #toyota4runner #oklahoma #travelok #exploreoklahoma #outdooroklahoma #outdoors #nature #camp #camping #glamping #pinetree #ouachitas #explore #adventure #offroad

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Brandon Libby can be found writing new articles from his headquarters in Wyoming on Expedition Portal, Overland Journal, and many other fine locations on the web and in print.  Brandon's latest side project has exploded with popularity, Overland Kitted.  

Left? Or right? #overlandkitted

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Lastly, Dan from The 4x4 Podcast, can be found exploring Alaska and on The 4x4 Podcast.